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First Congregational Church of Anchorage (FCC) is a great place to look for God, learn more and grow deeply in your faith. If you are looking for a church home, try us out. Worship with us and feel welcomed. God continues to do exciting things through all of us! We are located at 2610 E. Northern Lights Blvd. near the intersection of Lake Otis Blvd, next to Wendler Middle School. Our phone number is 907-272-8363. Click here for a map and directions to the church. Click here for our Administrative Assistant Kate's office hours. Worship services are every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. If you have any questions or are facing any personal needs, feel free to contact us. God's love is for all of us, especially when our needs are the deepest. We look forward to seeing you!
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Upcoming Events

Sunday, May 7, 2017, Jacob Poindexter, candidate for FCC Senior Minister, was presented to the congregation at the worship service. Jacob was unanimously called to be our next senior minister! Jacob will complete his Master of Divinity degree at Eden Theological Seminary in May.  He will then be ordained in his home church, Plymouth Congregational Church, in Wichita, Kansas on June 18th.  His wife, Krystal, is finishing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Women's Studies. They have two children. They will be traveling up the highway and joining us for good in mid-July.

Can You Bring a Can? Bring a can of food (or two or three) to the worship service on Sunday, May 14! The cans will be donated to FISH and will kick off our summer efforts to keep FISH supplied with food for the needy. Their shelves often are bare during the summer, but the need is still there. Our special guest speaker that day will be Raissa d' Antonio from FISH.

Post-Easter message From Rev. JJ:
This has been one of my most favourite and inspirational poems as a liturgist. The words "how shall we...?" speak to my need to be with God, or in God, or God in me, or God through all, or God of all, etc. As we journey through discovering who the Risen Christ is and what that means for us, let us begin with "How shall we...?"
How Shall We Find You?
Shirley Murray
How shall we find You,
God who is Holy,
captured by gender,
colour and code?
how shall we worship,
God of the Presence,
action and essence, meaning and mode?
How shall we know You,
God who is Wisdom,
argued by scholars, proofed on a page:
how to imagine,
God of creation,
worlds beyond thinking,
here on our stage?
How shall we trust You
God in the scriptures,
filtered through lenses
biased and blurred:
how to revere You
God of tradition,
cased in our churches,
Word bound to word?
How shall we see You
if not in people
knit to your Nature,
focused in sight -
angels and artists,
teachers and healers,
heart-and-soul people,
children of light:
How shall we love You
if not as human,
loving us wholly,
fleshed in our frame,
known in our hunger
known in our meeting
spirit to Spirit,
naming our name.
Be thankful and repay
Growth with good work and care.
Work done in gratitude,
Kindly, and well, is prayer.
You did not make yourself,
Yet you must keep yourself
By use of other lives. / No gratitude atones
For bad use or too much.
--Wendell Berry, from A Timbered Choir: The Sabbath Poems,1979-1997
Ongoing Events
We Support F.I.S.H.: Please put non-perishable fruit, soup, or canned or packets of powdered milk in your cart next time you are shopping and bring them to the plastic bins in the narthex marked for F.I.S.H. Another way you can help is by saving your egg cartons; they get eggs donated in bulk and need the cartons for distributing to needy families.

We Are Blessed! At the Spring Semi-annual Congregational Meeting April 23rd, 2017, we elected a full slate of volunteers to serve on our ministries and in our officer positions.  Please say prayers of thanksgiving for the members of our church family who have committed their time and talents in stewardship to the health, well-being, and mission of our church. The names and positions of those elected have been compiled into an officiary.  If you would like a copy, let Kate know (272-8363).  She can either send it to you as an email attachment or print one for you to pick up next time you’re at the Church.

Revitalization workshop. On April 24-26, 2015, Rev. Patty Haheim led our congregation in a workshop to help revitalize our church. Click here for the ideas generated at the workshop that will help our church move forward into the future.

Planning a wedding? Contact us for more information. Take a tour of our facility.

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ALL ARE WELCOME at First Congregational Christian Church of Anchorage

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