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Reverend George E. Blair III


On February 27, 2011 the members of First Congregational Christian Church of Anchorage voted to call Rev. George Edward Blair III to be their senior minister. Rev. Blair began his ministry in the church in July 2011. On November 13, 2011 he was officially installed as the church's Senior Minister.







 Reverend Blair's statements concerning the Church:


On Theology:

I believe in one God, indivisible, maker of heaven and earth. I believe that Jesus Christ is the closest link between divine and human realms. I believe that the spirit of God is in each one of us-- and indeed pervades all creation.


The doctrine of original sin has no appeal to me. Everyone is born a mixture of good and bad, selfish and unselfish, and the test of our lives is our character. Character is the combination of our own efforts and the efforts of our family and faith community to set good examples and show us the way.


There may be more than one path to God and truth, but the teachings and example of Jesus Christ are normative for me, and I hope to share them with your faith community.





On the role of the church in addressing social issues:

As long as we hold fast to our Christian vision, we have an obligation, personally and collectively, to address social issues. Churches have, however, failed in their duty to respect opposing viewpoints--even within their congregations. Everyone agrees that peace is valuable, war is unfortunate, for example, but individuals have wide disagreement as to the means and measures best suited to achieve peace. A church should be a prayerful and a thoughtful community--not a community that tosses around slogans or demonizes its opponents. It should not be wishy-washy in its social commitment, but neither should it be arrogant in assuming that its view is the only responsible viewpoint.


The Church needs both the commitment of Christ and Christ's humility.



On Congregational polity:

God calls us together to worship as a community. It is vitally important that the called community have full say over its choice of minister, worship style and future. This is not because churches are always wiser than denominations, but because Christ has empowered churches to make their own decisions--even if the decisions turn out to be wrong. Local autonomy means local responsibility--not merely to each other, but to God.



 Reverend George Edward Blair III was ordained in 1990 at the Pilgrim Congregational Church of Fairhaven, Connecticut, and has served as pastor in eight churches of three denominations (NACCC, UCC, and UUC) in three states: Connecticut, New Jersey, and Tennessee. His most recent period of service as pastor was five years at the South Jersey Shore Unitarian Universalist Church in Galloway, NJ, which he and his wife helped found.

One of his degrees was from Yale Divinity School (M Div.) where he was awarded the Wolcott-Calkins Prize "for excellence in clear and vigorous pulpit speaking."

Married for over 15 years to his wife, Michele, George is father to six children (ages 10 to 39) and stepfather to two more. Their youngest child, Daniel, is the only one still at home. He is an excellent student and enthusiastic baseball player. Michele is a psychotherapist (Licensed Clinical Social Worker--LCSW) in private practice.


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